5 Smart Strategies for Email List Management

From Facebook to Instagram it can be deceiving to think you're communicating with your audience every day. But does everyone see all your posts? Doubtful.

What will you do if one of your favorite social media platforms closes its doors or changes it's algorithm? You will lose your entire follower base. That's why it's important to properly work your digital marketing plan and leading your followers to your own email list.

But what if you’ve been ignoring your list? An email list without optimized email list management isn’t an asset. An asset is an active and engaged email list of subscribers who open your emails and respond to your call to action. 

Keep reading to find out the best way to connect with your audience through their inbox.

The Importance of Email Marketing

As you build your brand, you’ll also want to build your audience. You will build your audience on multiple platforms, from your social media pages to your website and also with building an email list. 

But why do you need an email list? Can’t you just post on your social media pages? The fact of the matter is that email marketing is not dead and should be an integral part of your overall digital marketing strategy. Like I always say, the email list is yours, a social media page is technically not.

Not everyone will see your social media posts (dang algorithm!), and not everyone will remember to come back to your website to see your latest post, but everyone checks their email.

When it comes to email marketing your engagement should be your highest priority. You can measure by watching your open rates and your click-through rates. This will tell you if you’ve built up an active email list. The more active, the more cha-ching. I personally use Kajabi to build my online course and email lists. It's a one-stop-shop.

Build an Active List With Compelling Email List Management

There are many ideas for how to increase the interaction rate with your email audience. Here are the top five tips for managing your email list:

  1. Impress your audience with an amazing opt-in offer (https://www.heidicortez.com/opt-in )
  2. Utilize email list segmentation properly
  3. Nurture leads with personalized email
  4. Stay front and center in their minds with regular emails 
  5. Cull and clean your email list regularly

These email strategies will help you to keep an engaged audience and increase your sales.

Smart Business Owners Build Their Email List

You own your email list. You can download your entire list into a file that can be saved and kept forever. Being able to rely on this and trust that all your hard work can be saved should make you feel better. 

Now that you know about the best way to increase your engagement, email list management shouldn’t feel like such an overwhelming task.

Email is still the best way to stay connected with your audience. Embrace it and your audience will embrace you and your message.

To learn more about how I can help you build your audience or online business contact me here..


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