How I Got Verified On Social Media Without Paying For PR or having "Insider Access"
I created this guide for the countless amount of people a week who ask me, "How Do I Get Verified?”
Yes - in some countries you can pay for the blue checkmark as an individual, but the pay-method is not for businesses.
If you're looking for a proven system to get verified and to increase your income, let me show you how. When I first tried to get verified, I searched high and low for insider information on how the process works. It seemed like anyone who was already verified didn't want to share how it actually happened for them or else they would lie about it. They were secretive.

In this book, learn how I became a public figure multiple times in different niches over & over & over again... without a manager, without an agent, without money or without any fancy connections.
If you are like me and genuinely want to learn the process so you can start profiting from your credibility, build a better network, and have a stronger brand, this guide is for you!
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  • The 3 Things I Do To Get My Businesses In The Press For Free: Set it & forget it


  • My Step-by-Step Process For Making It Rain Blue Checkmarks: It's amazing how getting a blue checkmark gets people to trust and buy from you without pressure.


  • How I went from a complete nobody to making myself famous over & over & over again in multiple niches and having hundreds of thousands of followers: The goal is to be niche famous, not world famous. It happens faster than you think.

Why Wait to get Discovered?
You can do it yourself now with my proven blue-check blueprint. With this blueprint you'll learn how to get verified on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter from someone who has already been in your shoes. Buy this book now and you'll also learn...
  • How to look more powerful & persuasive to your social media followers
  • The Exact Strategies I Used to 10X My Income AFTER I got Verified
  • How I Use My Instagram To Get 99% Of Users To Open My DMs


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You are closer than you think to getting your blue Checkmark...
Imagine how much easier things will be when you have the official bluecheck mark next to your name. You won't have to guess any longer after downloading my proven step-by-step process.
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  • Make More Money
  • Build a dream-team network
  • Stand out from your competitors
  • Get Free Press
  • Be trustworthy, relevant, & important
  • Let job offers come to you
  • Get your DM's opened
  • Prevent Impersonations
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Be the special less than 1% that are Verified
See You On the Verified Side!

P.S.: No matter what you do for a living I promise you that being verified and getting that blue checkmark on social media will change your life. Be prepared for your business to grow, public figures to want to network with you, and to standout above your competition.

- Heidi Cortez

Limited Time Offer


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